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I couldn't resist. Alexandra Karamallis just debuted her full collection at RISD last week, and I had to post. These fabrics are a breathtaking mixture of playful, sophisticated, delicate and, most of all, beauty. Check it out:

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Karamallis


This San Francisco home really hits the nail on the head with functional, simple, useful details that are beautiful and full of life: 

Check out the way those flowers spill over the top of the cabinet. Love it.

Photos courtesy of

a continent (or 2) away

I saw this home a few weeks ago at, but am posting it now in honor of my husband's return home to the Cape Peninsula, where this beautiful home is located. Design in South Africa is a magical mix of African and British/Dutch Colonial, with the romantic and clean influences of European style and the organic shapes and textiles of the African continent coming together to form a beautiful, simple, playful and serene palette of colors, textures, shapes and light. This home in Noordhoek, on the beautiful outskirts of Cape Town, certainly pays homage to these various influences:

Photos courtesy of

love this look

Love the rooms MaterialGirls highlighted from these NYC designers Sixx Design. Such beautiful simplicity. It is a balance I am constantly trying to strike: how to personalize a space without overcrowding it. How to achieve warmth & simplicity at the same time. How to keep a room fresh, clean and modern but have a bit of that rustic, vintage feel. I think these do quite a good job: 

Photos courtesy of MaterialGirls


So, I am reading Julie & Julia (yes, the blog-turned-movie about Julie Powell's daunting feat of cooking 524 of Julia Child's recipes in 365 days), and I came across rather beautiful little tidbit in which Julie describes, or rather ponders, the meaning of marrow:

"How much more interior can you get, after all, than the interior of bones? It's the center of the center of things. If marrow were a geological formation, it would be magma roiling under the earth's mantle. If it were a plant, it would be a delicate moss that grows only in the highest crags of Mount Everest, blooming with tiny white flowers for three days in the Nepalese spring. If it were a memory, it would be your first one, your most painful and repressed one, the one that has made you who you are." (p.75) 
Which memory would that be?  The deepest and darkest sitting quietly  in the marrow of my bones. 
Some definitions (I think these speak to Julie's point) : 

–noun 1.Anatomy . a soft,…

the young & talented

Miss Alexandra Karamallis, the young woman I am blessed to call my sister, has done it again! Check out these beautiful digital prints, now as beautiful silk dresses:

Check out more at

the balance

In my darkest moments, this has brought me light:
 "And now I give you a commandment which shall be for a covenant between you and Me -- that ye have faith; that your faith be steadfast as a rock that no storms can move, that nothing can disturb, and that it endure through all things even to the end; even should ye hear that your Lord has been crucified, be not shaken in your faith; for I am with you always, whether living or dead, I am with you to the end. As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. This is the balance -- this is the balance -- this is the balance." ~ Abdu'l-Baha
And it always reminds me of the most inspiring Rebequa Murphy, with us to the end.

take pause

I find that one of the hardest things about living in New York City is resisting the pull to go through the day at full speed - running from one place to the next as though my life depends on it. Thank God I have people in my life to remind me of this simple and powerful fact:

To pause throughout the day is one of the best forms of meditation. 
It makes a world of difference, one moment at a time.

"art is the lie that allows us to see the truth." - Picasso