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hello again africa

Maybe it's because Ghana knocked the USA out of the World Cup today, or maybe it's because my husband was born and bred in South Africa, or maybe it's because the minute I stepped down on it's soil I felt like I was home - either way, Africa has a special place in my heart and soul. Her mountains and shores send vibrations deep into my core, and these photos - poignant and raw - captivate that spirit beautifully.

These photos are from Camille Stabler (pictured above, next to the boat), taken by her friend Christopher Lowell during his recent trip to visit her on the shores of Mozambique, where she has been living for the past 9 months. Her family spent time in Swaziland back when Camille was a wee bitty girl, and she's back in Southern Africa now working with local women on a social and economic development project and living in a cabin on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Her blog, Okay? Okay., is one of my favorite places to hang out online.
Here are a few more imag…

garden of EDUN

Just read an article about Bono & wife Ali Hewson's newest social change endeavor, EDUN (pronounced Eden), a fair trade fashion-forward clothing line with the most inspiring of missions:

"Edun is a contemporary lifestyle brand founded with the mission to encourage trade in Africa and build awareness of what is possible there."

Check out a beautiful video of their work in Africa here.

lots to look at

More home decor to imitate & pine after, this time in Sacramento, CA.

(i love the wood plank wall !) 

(simple, earthy & lots of green. very pretty.)

(check out the birds - made from hand-cut newspaper! and i love the throw/pillow/bench combo.)
(and the handmade mirror !) 
(and although it is an Ikea regular, i also love love that bed !)
(ask my husband, i love reusing glass jars. these look so nice & fresh, full of candlelight)
For the rest of the house tour, click here.


Thank you to BlashterKBB for putting me on to this... the song was beautiful & eerie when Kid Cudi sang it, but when this wonderful woman puts her voice to it, well, listen:

And Metallica never sounded quite this good (to me):

beekman place

Andrew came across this magnificent (and vacant!) treasure on a few days ago. Sadly the photos have been removed from that site, but was able to snag a few before they got taken down.... Take a peak at this treasure on Beekman Place in Lower Manhattan. The entire center portion of the building is open balconies, looking up to this amazing glass roof. Please, please transform this building into something open to the public!

For more: Beekman Place

a little slice of california

So, it has been a busy few days, or week, but I came across this little Sausalito home (around 400 sq. ft. to be exact) awhile ago on Apartment Therapy and absolutely loved its modern-yet-bohemian feel. I also love the idea of an apartment-sized cottage in the hills of California with a beautiful yard. Can that little slice of heaven please be transported to NYC for me? Here are some of my favorite images of the cottage:

For more, click here. (Photos courtesy of

B.F.A. please!

I am the proud sister of a RISD grad! Graduation was last weekend, and the photos just came back from the developer (film! yes!). Needless to say - graduation from the top art school in the nation was a much more festive event than any I have seen before. SO proud of her!

Miss Alexandra Karamallis, B.F.A. in Textile Design (PS - The dress & cap are her designs!)

Visit her website for more of her amazing designs.


Recently I took a peek at Kanye West's blog. Some of my favorite images below.

Someday I will float, weightless, clad only in flowing silk. (Numero Tokyo 15)
...And I will wander the streets of New York in a golden coat. (The Fabulous Alexander McQueen, R.I.P.)

think BIG

Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir man's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work....Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. Think big.
- Daniel Burnham  (19th Century American architect)


MILLIONAIRE. I cannot believe I had not seen this movie until tonight. What a masterpiece; so full of beauty, sadness, love and loss. Amazing imagery and music, all cast alongside an absolutely wonderful love story. Brings so much life to the lives of so many millions living in the world's slums - how they survive and what they sacrifice in order to do so. Really a beautiful film. So glad the performance of Jai Ho at my sister's graduation (yes, that's right) finally got me to sit down and watch it!

welcome, aritzia.

This store recently opened in the mall near my parents house. The look is A+ and their Spring/Summer '10 Lookbook is even better.

Here is some hotness from their blog (an instant favorite!): 

thank goodness for wifi (part ii)

Some things I have been meaning to post: 
1) Georgia O'Keefe photographing the New Mexican terrain,  one of the most obvious homes of God on the planet.

2) An image from the Victorian Photocollage exhibit at the Met.  These Victorian housewives were hilariously amazing.

3) This bed from VivaTerra. Someday, I will sleep here.

thank goodness for wifi

Today I have jury duty, one of the least inspiring activities I have participated in during the 26 years of my life... But luckily the Kings County Courthouse realizes this and provides free wifi in the waiting areas. So, in all my boredom I decided to Google my name. My maiden name. And guess what came up - my wedding! On (I forgot it was there!)

Almost 2 years ago to date! (June 14, 2008, to be exact)
A beautiful respite...

Photos by Mantas Wright Photography, courtesy of