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rokeby house

There is a 195-year-old mansion in the Hudson River valley called the Rokeby house. It's populated by descendants of the Livingston and Astor families - artists making costumes and studying shamanism and keeping the place afloat by renting rooms to others. Mr. Aldrich, who has taken care of Rokeby for decades now, says "Maybe we are the museum... Part of the show, part of the exhibit...Except we're not learning our lines. We have our roles set up for us."

Full slideshow here.


Some images from the Saturday Market in Makati.

Off to Taal Volcano tomorrow. More images from today on Facebook.

africa in color

Zwelethu Mthethwa, a South African photographer featured yesterday in the New York Times, describes how he uses color as a "dignifying vehicle" for the people of South Africa, eschewing the tradition of black and white photography and its ties to the country's apartheid past. Of course, South Africa is still full of paradox and complexity, all of which seems to be portrayed through the coupling of painterly colors and pattern with the necessities of daily life. His work sounds raw and true, poignant in a way that only South Africans seem to convey. Take a look at one of his pieces here, and check out the rest at Studio Museum in Harlem, 144 W. 125th Street. I know it will be at the top of my to-visit list when I return to the East Coast.

Read more about Mthethwa here.

the new polaroid

I know Hipstamatic, one of the most talked about iPhone apps, is all the rave, but I have recently come across another app that has absolutely stolen my photographic heart. The ShakeIt app, which imitates the style of a classic Polaroid camera, shoots raw, beautiful images with just enough vintage to make the ordinary come alive. Here are a few from Malabon City, Manila (Philippines).

a room in the mountains

We have been here in Manila a few more days, and while the local scenery more than suffices, I couldn't help but notice a beautiful one-room mountain retreat, created by architect/designer Olle Lundberg, highlighted in my daily email. Amazing how these things (slum living and extreme poverty and hand-crafted mountain retreats) can co-exist in the same world; how each possess elements of ingenuity, beauty, and creativity and are handcrafted by their inhabitants.


from across the pacific

10 days without a post can only mean one thing - TRAVEL! I have been in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, for about a week now working on a slum upgrading research project for my masters degree program. Although we are (very kindly) being put up in a luxury ex-pat bubble, we have gotten the chance to explore the city a little bit. Some of my favorite things so far:

The jeepney, an amazing form of public transit...

 & Spanish influence in the Old Town of Intramuros

More pics on Facebook.

summer in the city

The Hipstamatic app on my new iPhone is amazing! Check out evidence from around our steamy Brooklyn neighborhood....

a far off place

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was about two kids, living in Africa, whose parents get killed and subsequently get lost in the desert with only the help of a local bushman to guide them to safety. If I remember correctly, the parents' home was (before they were brutally murdered & the home plundered) beautiful! In my daydreams, my home in the African bush would look something like this, and it would be the safest place on earth:

Ulusaba: Sir Richard Branson's Private Game Reserve  Photos courtesy of

heat wave

Things have been a little more hectic (and HOT: average temp. this week in the high 90s!) in recent days with Andrew's return from the World Cup in South Africa. In honor of that, the 4th of July and my new iPhone, here are some recent photos:

And then, in addition, some pretty stuff I found a while back that I have been meaning to post: 

Mirrors, mirror on the wall. 

View: yes, please.

i should head west

All my favorite homes on are in California! Every time there is a house tour that looks particularly appealing, guess what - it's out west in the Sunshine State! Here are a few images from some tours I have come across in the past week or so... Take a peak at the wonderful use of light and color - a perfect combo for summer:

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

Outer Sunset, San Francisco

These houses are so different - one so stylized, so full of textured whites & bright sunlight and the other brimming with color and the laid-back feeling of a summer afternoon. Of course I love them both... The mix of romance and playfulness is something I truly hope to capture in our little Brooklyn abode!