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keep going

painting mozambique

I posted a while back about Camille, a good friend of mine who is in the midst of a 2 year stint living & working in Vilankulo, Mozambique - a sleepy beach town a few hours north of Maputo on the Indian Ocean. She is working with local women on a CARE project, developing a basket-weaving collective in the village there. Since her arrival in Vilankulo, Camille has been keeping a wonderful blog chronicling her adventures in southern Africa. My last post featured some of her beautiful photos, but probably my favorite aspect of the blog are her watercolor paintings that aid so beautifully in her storytelling.

For more, check out her blog here. (Highly recommended!)


wow @ Jil Sander

fall back

Autumn is slowly descending upon the Northeast region and, in the spirit of the coming season, I spent the past weekend in Vermont with my newest and closest friends - my No.6 clogs! What a perfect thing for fall. The only problem with them is that now I want them in every color imaginable. Or at least black.

for wednesday

1) 30th Birthday Garden Party by Shaadee , 2) Summer Lovin' Moodboard, by Shaadee, 3) Massimo Vitali, 3) Layli, 4), 5) &  6) Getting ready for fall with Ditte Isager


This weekend we welcomed the newest addition to the MacPherson household! Say hello to Jasper!

rockaway beach

The Bungalows of Rockaway is an independent documentary about the old beach bungalows that used to (and, to a lesser extent, still do) line the strip of sand that is Rockaway Beach, Queens. A few years ago a few close friends of mine moved out to Rockaway. All but one of them have since abandoned the far-flung, much more suburban, beach-y neighborhood for areas closer in to the City, but nonetheless, their time out there gave me a chance to get to know that part of New York, even just a little. These are some great photos of a time when Rockaway was the place to go for summer vacation (the Fire Island or Hamptons of yester-years).

maryam nassir zadeh

This Lower East Side boutique (and website) is clean, fresh and stocks all super beautiful-cutting edge-creative. I would like to own nearly everything in this shop. If only....

 Check out way more here, or visit her at 123 Norfolk St.

carl bengtsson

Love the golden sunlight & romance in these shots from Carl Bengtsson.

fresh flowers

Thanks to Kimia for bringing these beautiful shots to my attention.

Check out more from Kari Herer.

Also, this florist, located in nearby Red Hook, Brooklyn, creates masterfully beautiful pieces of floral artwork for weddings, delivery & other special events... And the photography on their website is beautiful too. (Thanks to Heidi & Charlotte for this one!)

More at

i wish

i wish this dress was mine.

corinne day + kate moss, what a pair

Last week (or thereabouts) I came across an article celebrating the life of Corinne Day, the photographer who became famous for her photographs of the young Kate Moss. I went hunting for said photos and came across her website, a beautiful collection of images showcasing women in our many forms - from highly stylized fashion photography to raw behind-the-scenes images of those same models in their studio apartments and dressing rooms.

Check out some of the fame-making photos of a 15 year-old Kate Moss. Not hard to see how she became famous from these...