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saddest day

Today is a very, very sad day. Our dearly loved family dog Jack passed away early this morning after surgery on Wednesday. He was one-of-a-kind and loved by every single person who met him, whether or not they considered themselves "dog people."

Jack came into our lives nearly nine years ago when my ex-boyfriend's family adopted him and realized that they were not actually ready for the burst of energy that was puppy Jack. He had boundless energy and would visit my parents' house often, spending hours chasing deer into the woods and coming back covered in dirt and deer poop.  Somehow I convinced my parents to take Jack in and, right away, he stole our hearts. Jack was the sweetest, kindest, happiest and smartest dog any of us have ever known. We never knew what combination of breeds came together to create the most-perfect-mutt and spent hours guessing as we watched the Westminster Dog Show every Thanksgiving, pointing at dog after dog and exclaiming "Maybe Jack…


I am a few days late, but I wanted to take a moment to say a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one & only Mom. We celebrated her birthday this past weekend amidst the orange & red New Jersey foliage with a delicious feast of Persian food & homemade chocolate cake. Oh, and she got a car! What a day!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

friday collection

It is certainly autumn here in New York. The wind was blustering this morning, and as I type I cannot help but think of one of my favorite childhood tales - Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. What a classic!

... and a collection of photos for the weekend: 

1., 2. & 3. from Garance Dore, 4., & 7. from DirtyPrettyThing, 5. & 6. from Convoy

chanel & chloe, oh my!

I have been wanting to post some stuff from Fashion Week but a) have not really spent enough time looking through the hundreds of shows and b) did not come across anything that immediately JUMPED out at me. Until now. Chloe & Chanel in Paris. Wow!

1. "A Sea of Chloe" (photos by Garance Dore)

2. Chanel at the Grand Palais (photos from The Sartorialist, video from Garance Dore)

good morning wednesday

1. Shaadee Mae, 2. - 4. & 6. - 8. Convoy, 5. & 9., Love by Sopita

lina scheynuis

Not sure where I first saw photos by this talented Swedish photographer, Lina Scheynius (was it you, Shaadee?). I love the quality of light & and the simple composition that manages to focus the viewer's attention so perfectly on the essential beauty in each of these frames.

I must also say that recently I have been overwhelmed with Swedish design & style sense. It seems everywhere I turn there are stylish folks from Stockholm & the rest of that Nordic country stylin' it up. Am I late to figure out just how with it the Swedes are?

elisa palomino

Last winter my sister was a design inter at Diane Von Furstenburg, helping to create the beautiful print and knitwear designs that women have come to covet worldwide. Although my sister did meet DVF herself a couple times, she was perhaps even luckier to spend a lot more time with her boss, Elisa Palomino, both in the office & in her downtown loft putting finishing touches on her SS/10 collection. Palomino emerged as a new designer during Fashion Week NY SS/10 and has been blossoming ever since. She just showed again this Fashion Week and her new line is even more beautiful, romantic and full of rich color than the last. 

Elisa Palomino Fall Must-Haves.

the cool kids

All of these blogs of street style certainly keep me on my toes. What if Hanneli Mustaparta or Mr. Sartorialist is next to me at the traffic light? Would they stop me? Who is watching what I wear? (Should we really have to think these things as we walk to work at 9am? Or home at 5?) Well, in the same vein but with a slightly more low-key feeling is - a street-style blog that aims to capture real people, full of style, at home in their own clothes. I guess something about seeing these people at home, or just relaxing, is a slightly more relaxing version of the somewhat intimidating street-style blog phenomenon.

in napier

First of all, photos of this farm stand in Napier, South Africa are evidence of one of the many reasons to fall in love with that land. The fact that inside that lovely little building live delicious scones, cakes & teas makes it that much better.

Full post on Lanalou.


It's October and autumn has officially begun. The skies are either full of wind & rain or crisp blue with golden sun and the leaves are beginning to take on shades of brown, red & orange. I really love autumn - love layering clothes & walking the streets of New York wrapped in denim, leather & wool. I only wish it would stick around longer and not turn so quickly to gray winter.

Ditte Isager

l.a. sky

There's nothing like the sky opening up in color + light after a rainy day.

(from Ashley.)