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the house in tinos, greece

This home on the island of Tinos in the Greek Isles is right up my alley. To the extent that when I saw this editorial I nearly felt homesick for this little piece of paradise. There is something so magical about those islands, their ancient stone, blue roofs and shutters mirroring the color of the water and sky. I have traveled quite a bit - to the Caribbean, Cape Town, Mozambique, Mexico, Belize and more - but there is something about the Mediterranean sea off the coast of the Greek Islands that simply gets me every time.

Today, I would like to escape the rainy streets of New York to lie amongst white walls with the sunny blue sky overhead. 

Perfect, right? I told you...

All images via Yatzer.

in fall swing

Some great images for this very autumnal weekend ahead of us.
Images from: Convoy (x2), Aritzia, Samimi Extreemie (x2), and Seven Spoons.


Stay on the 6 train past the Brooklyn Bridge stop to get a peak at this blast from the glamorous NYC past. How I wish taking the subway was still this beautiful...

More here.

alexander mcqueen at the met

"Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" will be the Costume Institute's next exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York. I can't wait!

Images found here.


This has always been, and continues to be, one of my favorite poems:

O generation of the thoroughly smug
      and thoroughly uncomfortable,
I have seen fishermen picnicking in the sun,
I have seen them with untidy families,
I have seen their smiles full of teeth
      and heard ungainly laughter.
And I am happier than you are,
And they were happier than I am;
And the fish swim in the lake
      and do not even own clothing.  
- Ezra Pound

Photos by Dorothea Lange.
Found here, here, here, here, here, here & here.

FYI - New poem on Verses: Settle.

girl of the north country


It is raining in New York today. It's funny how that changes things - more people on the subways, people moving more quickly to get inside, undercover, cozying around cafe tables and windows glowing from within against the gray skies. I have been avoiding the purchase of rain boots for a while now, but after trekking to work this morning and stepping in one too many puddles, I have decided to make the leap. These will soon be gracing the walls of my closet:  Update: Bloomindales is out of stock. Also, the ones they have are actually CUTER than these. But still out of stock. Soho & 59th St.! And they wanted to charge me $18 to ship from the elusive "warehouse" that I have never heard of before. Harumph! Slight delay in the rain-boot-plan.


I know, I'm a little late on the Halloween posts. Andrew & I didn't do anything terribly exciting (in fact, we stayed in, relaxed, and watched trick-or-treaters from our window) but I did happen upon this terribly fun Halloween decor outside a house in our neighborhood. So fun, spooky and creative.

I also happened upon this pretty Halloween idea at Sweet Paul. He is so full of creative ideas for holiday decor, moving beyond what we would normally think of for said holiday and into a world of unexpected, playful, modern-rustic beauty that still feels totally holiday-appropriate.


This past weekend I was lucky enough to catch a TBS airing of Titanic. I am pretty sure I have not seen that epic drama since early high school, 8th grade even, and it was truly a blast from the past! It was also a reminder of just how dreamy the young Leo was. I maintain that my husband is the handsomest guy around, but I couldn't help a little swooning (in his presence!) over the smiling, lovestruck face of young Leo on the deck of that grand ship. However, over dinner last night my sister and I (two of young Leo's biggest fans) agreed that it was his role as Romeo that really had us over the moon. So, ladies, for your viewing pleasure:

Lucky for Leo he is also one of the best actors out there these days, which will surely keep us swooning for years to come. (Even if he has lost some of his boyish charm.)