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eye in the sky

Biet Simkin amazes me again with her band World War's new video for their cover of Alan Parson's "Eye in the Sky." The video has been described as "enchanting" and I have to say I think that about sums it up. This Queens native is one talented lady, to say the least! I had this on repeat all weekend.


Despite my having arrived home this past Monday, Andrew is still lounging in the African sun for a few more days. Just a day or so before my departure, he and I stopped into Wildfire Tattoos on Long St. to make an appointment for his latest tattoo (he has quite a few beautifully crafted ones already adorning his lovely frame.) He met with the artist yesterday and sat for three+ hours to have the piece done. It turned out beautifully! I was so impressed when he sent me the photo this morning. The design is kudu horns (an antelope native to South Africa) framing a protea flower, South Africa's national flower. I have to say, it looks worth the allegedly excruciating pain to me! (I shouldn't talk. I could barely sit still when I had a 2-inch feather tattooed on my wrist!)


nothing short of amazing

how beautiful.

album on repeat.


This morning I'm grateful for:

1. the sunlight, even when it's met with cold. 2. slightly warmer walk to work 3. coffee and sweet brioche from La Colombe 4. the empty morning streets of Soho 5. meandering through my photos from Cape Town 6. Andrew's sweet smiling face 7. a job to come to every day, doing work that matters with smart, kind people 8. being of service more and more every day to the people around me 9. a beautiful network of family & friends, near and far.
Months ago I started writing gratitude lists every night before going to sleep. It's such a beautiful way to remember all the things in my life I have to be grateful for, from big to small and everything in between.

heading home

It has been such an incredibly lovely two weeks in Cape Town that the thought of being back in New York City winter is really not a welcome thought. The lush green and bright African sun never cease to amaze me, and all I can really say is how thankful I am to have a husband who calls this lovely city home so that we can return to it time and time again. I will hopefully post much more about our trip here - we went to a number of very cute eateries and boutiques that I'd love to share with you all - but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the lovely sunset (above) and this little list of places you will hear more about in the coming days!

Birds Boutique Cafe, Cape Town  DeliCATessen at Tokara Wine Estate, Stellenbosch  Babel Restaurant at Babylonstoren, Franschoek  Superette, Woodstock, Cape Town  the Power and the Glory & Black Ram, Cape Town nap, Cape Quarter & Kloof St., Cape Town Melissa's, Cape Town & Stellenbosch  Mud Ceramics, shops throughout Cape Town Hemelh…

all i want for wednesday

In honor of all my friends on tumblr (and my love for the simplicty of it over there), here are some photos.

Images from: Dustjacket Attic,Dirty Pretty Things, NY Times, From Scandinavia with Love, It's Mary's Ruffle, Miss Moss, and Simply Seductive.

africa on the horizon

Sorry I have been somewhat MIA recently. Not sure what that's about, except for lots of busy-times surrounding me recently! The good news: a) we are moving! To an awesome apartment in our building, with a bigger kitchen and open family room and..... my sister is moving into our apartment! Party! b) we leave for South Africa this coming Saturday! As in, 3.5 more days of cold before I get 15 days of SUN! In honor of THAT nugget of awesomeness, here are some pretty images to get you as excited as I am (or jealous, but, oh well).

I am planning to take my film camera with me this time, and I am hoping I can remember to really put it to good use. The quality of film never ceases to amaze me - the way it captures the nuances of color and light is like nothing else. But I will be taking lots of photos, and on the lookout for lots of awesomeness, the whole time - so don't fret! I will also try to update the blog from there, but honestly, it might not be until my return that you all get…