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in pictures

Since I just added to my growing collection of posts at this blog, I am going to save my energy & just share some images I have been steadily collecting. Enjoy!

inside out with JR

There has been much talk recently of Parisian artist JR and his project, "Inside Out." JR recently won a $10,000 TED Prize, allowing him the ability to take his project to the next level turn it into what will likely be something of a worldwide art + social change movement. Just the kind of combination I love to see.

In a recent post on Polis, the author quotes an interview with Mark Magazine in which the artist states:

"My work relates strongly to architecture, but in a paradoxical way, because I go to places with interesting architecture, but I’m there to highlight people. I use architecture as my canvas, while setting up a dialogue with the city in areas where walls are not covered with advertisements. This allows me to get closer to the people. I get into people’s lives in fact, not by way of politics or advertising, but by way of art and activism.”

Check out some of his paintings below, and you'll get a sense of what he's talking about.

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ruan hoffman

Don't you love when you see something new & amazing and then it pops up all over the place immediately?  Ruan Hoffman's beautiful fine art ceramics were recently featured on ELLE Deco, and, captivated by their graceful yet bold images and statements, I looked into this South African born artist a bit more. Upon Googling his name (amazing that that's a verb now!) I was delighted to find that his work is going to be on exhibit at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store for the months of June/July. It's moments like that I feel so blessed to have connections to amazing cities like Cape Town and New York at the very same time. So. Here is some of his work, and if you're in New York City, definitely check him out this summer!

More here.

2 homes

I really love the simplicity of these homes. During our recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I really began to take note of the little details that go into otherwise simple spaces to give them the personal, rustic, warm feeling so many of those spaces have. These homes, while not in South Africa, have that same feeling. It's something that I think is captured in most really good design - the ability to get down to the basics and come out with something fresh, light and full of beauty. The beams in the kitchen below, the vintage metal chairs, animal skins, candle light and stone archways all do so much for these two spaces. Enjoy!
House #1

via Design*Sponge  House #2

via Skona Hem