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deep dark africa

Not sure where I came across Deep Dark Africa, but I have to say I am very grateful for the discovery! This online shop offers a host of beautiful South African wares, ranging from scarves to lighting fixtures, and is shipping to USA and within South Africa! What good news. It makes leaving lots of my stuff behind (slash) selling as much of it as possible a little bit easier knowing there is even more amazing & beautiful stuff waiting across the Atlantic. Take a look! And be sure to visit their online store...

I want it all! 

peter beard

Today, while surfing some of my favorite boards on Pinterest, I came across the artist Peter Beard. This man's work is right up my alley: Raw collage photography capturing the disappearing beauty of rural in Kenya. Beautiful and full of truth.


There is a sadness in me. I suppose that is only natural. To grieve a loss. It is the process of death and rebirth. And that is full of excitement, pain, sadness and love. I will miss these streets of New York. The warm summer nights walking along slate sidewalks of Brooklyn. The sun setting over Central Park at 76th Street. I will even miss winter, the cold dark of it, the quiet cold of snow. But most of all I will miss the memory of finding myself here. New York has given me back to myself, back to my family, to life. I have found a Spirit while here that I had only dreamed of before, longed for, and thought impossible to find. Today I sit in quiet gratitude, surrounded by love, and at peace with myself. I have learned integrity and self-sacrifice. I have learned what is at my core.

the heart of haiti

Ok. In an effort to promote more regular blogging in very, very busy times (read: we are moving to Cape Town, South Africa & I leave 3 weeks from today!) I am vowing to a) post more regularly through these busy times b) post even if there are few words. So, this will be the first in a series of mostly-visual stories. Enjoy!

I have written before about Fairwinds Trading and the amazing work they are doing with artisans across the world, but let me introduce their very special Heart of Haiti initiative. Started shortly after the earthquake in 2010, FWT began working with local artisans to develop beautiful pieces that continue the longstanding artisan traditions while reaching a wide audience at stores such as Macy's and Anthropolgie here in the USA. Take a look at some of their recent work from time in Haiti over the past few months!

Shop Heart of Haiti here, and visit them on Facebook.