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sunday update

I can't believe I have been here for nearly three weeks! Although it is technically winter, you would hardly notice. It's been in the 60s and 70s during the day, and the night is just enough to wrap a wool sweater around your body and curl up on the couch. Lovely, if you ask me. More like spring than any winter I have known so far! Here are some photos from around Cape Town... Walks in the neighborhood, work lunch at the beach and commuting around town. Not bad, huh?


They were burning
This morning on the N2
In protest of the past.

from the cape

So, now that I have landed in Cape Town I think it is high time for another post. So sorry for the long absences! Things were pretty crazy busy for a while there... But they should calm down a little bit now, especially since I am lucky enough to be staying with my in-laws and do not yet have the distractions of a husband or pets (they only arrive in August!). No excuses, right?

Back in February when Andrew and I were in Cape Town for vacation I fell in love with House & Leisure Magazine, a very beautiful South African home design magazine. Here are a few tear-outs from the April 2011 issue. There is truly SO much beautiful design here - I can't wait to really start exploring, buying and decorating!