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getting back

118 Chiappini, Table Mountain in the background

 So, I have decided to get back into the swing of posting on here. Even if the posts take on a new flavor, something is certainly better than nothing. To start, a bit of an update (warning: this may be slightly all over the place.)

1. Andrew arrived last week with Lucy (the cat) and Jasper (the dog) in tow! We are all happy and loving Cape Town (especially Jasper!)

2. Andrew managed to (already!) secure a job at a very cute shop in town. The Fringe Arts is part of the cutting edge design scene in Cape Town. They have had pop up shops at Spier Wine Estate and the V&A Waterfront and recently opened a flagship store on Kloof Street in Cape Town. In their own words,

"The Fringe Arts sells art through versatile concepts in which we collaborate with integrity with artists and clients in a way that makes business sense...One of our core projects is an 100% SA Art & Design Collective. Since our inception in January 2010, we have been showcasing the collective in POP-UPs, popping-up temporarily in empty spaces or as part of exhibitions."

He'll be working part time at their new pop up shop at the V&A Waterfront, starting in September. 
Can't wait to visit him at work, to say the least! 

3. Because of Andrew's new job, we realized we'd need another form of transport. Enter MotoMia.

This lovely vehicle joined our family today! We are so excited to be able to zip around Cape Town on this very cute little scooter! (Not on the highways or at night, don't worry Mom!). More photos of this beauty to come!

Kitchen Island, from Anthropologie

Chest of drawers, from British Home Emporium. 

4. Although our very cute house came almost fully furnished, we have been adding our own personal touches to it since Andrew arrived last week. We have also been shopping around for some new furnishings to add to the place. We have found some amazing shops in Woodstock that do beautiful custom furniture for very reasonable prices, so we are hoping to have a few things made to add to our lovely little abode. They will be inspired by the photos below:  

Chiappini Street

5. Our neighborhood is beautiful! With mosques, kids in the street, artist galleries, coffee shops, museums, boutiques and historic architecture, it is such a lovely mix of history, community, art, tradition, spirituality, and innovation. Not to mention the great, central location & views of Table Mountain! We truly are blessed. Here are some photos of our street. Photos of the house to come!

That's it for now... I think this proved to be a pretty sufficient update. More to come (and more regularly), I promise. 


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