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in the year of the rabbit: haas

A poolside braai in Stellenbosch, brunch at Haas and cooler temperatures make for a(nother) perfect weekend in Cape Town.

Haas Collective is one part art boutique and one part cafe. They do both exquisitely, and it is very easy to spend hours lounging at one of their sidewalk tables or in a quiet corner on one of their plush velvet armchairs. The owners are almost always around, and the personal attention they pay to their guests really shines through. It's definitely one of my favorite spots, and lucky for me it is right around the corner from our house (literally!). My next aim is to walk out of there having purchased more than just one of their scrumptious brunch dishes & a handful of cappuccinos. But in the meantime, those will certainly do!

All photos from Haas website.


Look what happens when you ask the internet for music recommendations.  Beautiful.

old fadama

The air in Accra is humid and full of dust. After spending days inside heavily air-conditioned conference centres and nearby hotels, you start to forget the realities of city life.  Luckily, I got a reminder. On my last day in Accra, I spent the better part of the day in the central city settlement of Old Fadama. Old Fadama has resisted threats of eviction for nearly a decade, with most recent efforts being to reduce the number of homes demolished in light of the upcoming cleaning of the Korle Lagoon (pictured above). Bearing witness to the reality and determination of this community, alongside some of its key leaders, was certainly an experience no conference could compete with.

For a more complete account of the story of Old Fadama, check out my article on the SDI blog.

a little more of the good life

I think this could be the title of just about any post on here, but it suits this one just fine. Just a few more photos from our 2 weeks of pure holiday. Missing Sandy, Gabi & Calvin very much! But lucky for me it's not long till the other half of my family (Mom, Dad & little sis) arrive from the States! Can't wait!


So, the holidays are over and I am back at work now. Honestly, it is nice to get back into the routine. And I have some very exciting travel plans on the horizon (Ghana! India! Sri Lanka!) which I am quite looking forward to. But summer in Cape Town is stunning, and having 2+ weeks of holiday to enjoy it fully was really a treat. The best way to describe it, honestly, is in pictures. Take a peak:

More to come...