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at home

I was about to get in the car and drive to the mall to exchange some plates for our new house, when I remembered what I said about keeping busy instead of enjoying the moments of quiet, of stillness.

We spent the past week in Stellenbosch with Andrew's parents. It's beautiful out there - the sky is big and open, and the sun rises over the mountains in the east and sets in the west over the Atlantic. The dogs play in the garden, and Lucy the cat explores and stalks birds and mice and moths. One of my favorite things about staying out there is the drama of the morning light. The early morning sun dances on the reeds that line the highway as I drive to work as Table Mountain comes into view in the distance. Faced with that kind of natural beauty, you can't help but remember God.

We are back at 118 Chiappini now. We'll be here for the next week before we pack up and move to our new place. This house really is adorable, and I'm grateful to have spent our first months i…

life in iv parts

Afternoon at Grotto Beach with Mom, Hermanus, South Africa It has been way too long since my last post. And way too many of my posts are starting out with some version of that sentence these days. It is not for a lack of things to write about, which I suppose  is a good thing. But it does sadden me when I find myself too busy with being busy to take a moment out for a written pause. Between work + Andrew's new law school schedule (still SO proud of him!) there has been much less time for field trips around the Cape Peninsula, and much more of our down time has been spent simply relaxing around the house. Still, even in the stillest moments, the mind is always working, and there are always thoughts worth putting on paper. The trick is making time for them. I always tell myself (and others) "I really should write more," and "They say you just have to force yourself, every day, to write something, anything!" and "I'm really going to start doin…