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life in iv parts

Afternoon at Grotto Beach with Mom, Hermanus, South Africa It has been way too long since my last post. And way too many of my posts are starting out with some version of that sentence these days. It is not for a lack of things to write about, which I suppose  is a good thing. But it does sadden me when I find myself too busy with being busy to take a moment out for a written pause. Between work + Andrew's new law school schedule (still SO proud of him!) there has been much less time for field trips around the Cape Peninsula, and much more of our down time has been spent simply relaxing around the house. Still, even in the stillest moments, the mind is always working, and there are always thoughts worth putting on paper. The trick is making time for them. I always tell myself (and others) "I really should write more," and "They say you just have to force yourself, every day, to write something, anything!" and "I'm really going to start doing that." And I will make the resolution, with the knowledge that I don't really mean it. That I don't believe I have something worth saying That I don't really have the time. Won't have something clever enough to say. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

The truth is there is always something to say. All I have to do is open my mouth. Get my fingers moving. Just put something down.

So, to start, some of the things that have been rattling around inside my head the past few weeks(months):

1. My family left more than a month ago. It was so, so wonderful to have them here, and so sad to see them go. The first weeks without them were truly painful. I forgot what it's like to have them around. To have a sister to share every laugh and frustration with. To have people around who know you inside.and.out. But I have made more of an effort to stay in touch with them, and the internet truly is an amazing thing. Between Gchat, Skype, Facebook and our iPhones, we have managed to stay quite closely in touch, which has made the whole thing much less painful. Not to mention the fact that I've booked my ticket to visit them all in the States at the end of June!

2. I really want a baby. Everyone knows - I have been talking about it with everyone, stalking baby photos on Facebook and new-mom-blogs, and weighing up daily whether or not Andrew and I are "ready." I don't think we are, practically, but it doesn't stop the onslaught of broodiness. And it doesn't stop my heart from beating for a little one. I think, with this one, the name of the game is patience & faith. Enough of those can really work wonders.

3. Work has been really good, and really busy. My to do list will seem as though it's nearing completion, only to be supplemented with at least ten new items. But it's good busy. Fulfilling busy. And I know I am doing a good job, and so I just keep doing it, which is a great feeling. Put one foot in front of the other and do your best. I really feel so blessed to have a job that is in the field I am passionate about and allows me to be intellectual and creative all while working with an amazing, inspiring team of people from all over the world. And I get to travel! What more could I ask for? It's such a treat to wake up every morning and be happy about the work that I do. God really does have amazing things up His sleeve if you take the time to have some of those qualities I mentioned earlier, namely: patience & faith.

4. We are moving! Not in the cross-continental kind of way, but in the new house in a new neighborhood kind of way. I'm still super excited! Our current place is adorable, and while we have been very happy there since August, we were recently informed that our lease will not be renewed for another year because the property's owners are moving down to Cape Town from Italy (rough life!). So... We started the hunt. And lucky for us we found a very cute old Victorian cottage in the neighborhood of Upper Woodstock (technically we are in University Estate, but no one seems to know what we're talking about when I say that, despite it being on ALL the exit signs off the highway). The house is on a quiet street, has two good size bedrooms and an open-plan family room kitchen combo with a deck off the kitchen and a lovely garden out back complete with grass and trees. I can see us staying there for a while... having picnics in the garden and braais (translation: barbeques) on the deck with friends. An interesting twist is that the new place comes unfurnished, which has meant buying a couch, fridge & bookcase, and beginning the hunt for a bed. You may not be too surprised to hear that I am actually really happy about it. There is something about living with other peoples' stuff that makes it feel not quite like home. Having our own place, and furnishing it slowly with our own stuff + style, is exciting, and makes me feel just a little bit more at home in our new city. So ten days from today I will be writing to you from 45 Ritchie Street - so long as we have internet by then! 


  1. Great to hear from you. It is so good to read your thoughts. We miss you and Andrew as well and I am hopeful that we can all get together when you are stateside. Maybe, if time allows, we can all take some R&R together in Vermont!

  2. In hopes that you actually do update your Blog more frequently (as promised), know that we are reading and seeing what's happening in your life. Everything sounds wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you and Andrew in July and catching up in person.


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