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in america.

Lake Owassa
Lake Owassa
Brooklyn Bridge
Handsome husband
Andy Warhol, Union Square
Good genes
Teo @ Schiller's
9/11 Memorial
Sisters @ Ft. Tilden
14th Street from High Line
West Chelsea

West Chelsea
Soho at dusk
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Milk, cookies & caffeine 
I am glad to report that nearly all of the items on my USA wish list were accomplished in the past month... some even better than what I had imagined!

- Bagel(s) from Bagel Chateau in Madison, NJ  - 4th of July fireworks from the middle of 22nd Street in NYC with Nava Kavelin, who showed up unexpectedly at Newark a


Mine is probably the coolest dad out there. Don't believe me? Decide for yourself... 

Told you so! Happy Birthday, Dad!