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winter at the beach

Llandudno in June.

daddy's girl.

Andrew and I were out of town last weekend, so I did not get to post anything on Father's Day, but that is certainly no reason to miss the opportunity to say a big Thank You and I Love You and You're The Best to my wonderful father. 
I am so grateful for the many things he has given me: A belief in the importance of treating all people as equals. A love and appreciation for music - from Miles Davis to Bob Marley to Annie Lennox to John Coltrane to The Beatles to Bob Dylan - road trips with my dad were always an opportunity for a musical education. Trust in God and a life based on spiritual principles of honesty, love, justice and service. The knowledge that he is always there for me, no matter what and no matter how many miles there are between us.

Love you Dad, always have, always will! 

happy anniversary!

Today Andrew & I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Thank you, Andrew, for five years of love & adventure, and the opportunity to experience something more exciting and beautiful than I have ever known.