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family visit.

After two glorious weeks together, my family returned to the snowy North this past Sunday. Honestly, it never gets easier to say goodbye. And I can tell you that pregnancy hormones do NOT make it any easier either. Sheesh! Lots of tears at the Cape Town International Airport. But nevertheless, their time here was really wonderful and so full of fun adventuring and lots of lovely beach-ing. The first few days were spent at Mabalingwe Game Reserve in Limpopo (photos coming soon!) followed by ten days in our favourite city of them all - Cape Town. I love playing tourist in this city. There is so much to do and see and so much beauty to take in. And thanks to the 2nd trimester I actually had the energy & appetite to do it all! Speaking of appetite, some of my favourite dining experiences this time 'round included The Pot Luck Club (oh my goodness, it's delicious!), The Black Sheep, Babel (as always!), and Harbour House in Kalk Bay (does not disappoint). Oh, and we had some lo…

letters to our little one. part iv.

19 weeks, 2 days. 

Dearest Little One,

Wow, it seems like time has flown by since I last wrote to you! Nearly seven weeks have passed by in what feels like an instant. After our 12 week scan it has felt like everything has been going by much faster, which I have to say is actually quite a relief. And what a scan that was! It was really amazing all the things the technician could tell us about you considering that, at the time, you were only about 3 inches long! She showed us your little arms, legs, your developing face and spine and assured us that everything is developing as it should be and that you were looking perfect. What a relief! And she also told us that you are a girl! Such exciting news! Of course we would have been delighted either way, but it is just such a joy to know that we are preparing to welcome a precious little gem of a daughter into this world in only a few months from now! Lucky us.

Since that time I have definitely begun to look more & more like a pregnant …