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stellenbosch in spring

thoughts on motherhood: week 8

A friend of mine said to me the other day that new babies are like lights, shining onto all the parts of ourselves that need attention, extra love and care, a little work; forcing us to pause, to take the time to work out the kinks in our souls so that we can show up as parents, full of love for ourselves, each other, and our little ones.

thoughts on motherhood: week 7

After 7 weeks and 3 days I have this to offer: Motherhood is kind of insane. And by insane I mean that my heart has never felt so open, that I have never had to access this level of patience, that I have never appreciated a shower or a meal so much, that I could never have imagined loving anyone so unconditionally, that I have never felt such closeness to my husband, and that I have never realised the blessing of a healthy body or a good night's sleep.

But also that I have never felt such an intense urge to control so many things, that I have never before known the kind of overwhelming guttural panic that comes when Harper is crying and nothing will fix it, that my body is nothing like what I remember, and that the best thing I can do for myself and my family is to stay calm and full of love.

It's amazing the way that my priorities seem to have shifted overnight, and despite how huge a change it all is, how incredibly natural it feels. It feels like this is what I was made fo…

harper olivia: the first month

This month you: Met your grandparents! Mama Nina, Papou George, Granny Jane, and Grandpa Stuart,  Had a lot of visitors! Gained weight - by 5 weeks you weighed 5.1 kilograms (11.2 pounds!), Went on your first outings, including the V&A Waterfront, De Meye Farm,  and the Sea Point Promenade,  Grew out of our newborn size clothes,  Started to hold your head up a little.