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market day at ozcf

Today, Harper and I visited the Oranjezicht City Farm Market. I have heard great things about it and wanted to visit for months now, so I was very happy to finally get there. The farm sits in the beautiful neighborhood of Oranjezicht, at the foot of Table Mountain, overlooking the city of Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean. It was the perfect place for lunch (a homemade Greek kebab gyro... yum!) on a beautiful spring day, and the farm is just beautiful. Rows of blooming fruit and vegetable trees, vines, and bushes, pansies, and towering sunflowers, are divided by cobblestone pathways. The market itself was teeming with organic fruit, vegetables, and fresh herbs from the farm, alongside all sorts of delicious goodies from farms across the Western Cape. I can't wait to go back and enjoy more of what this stunning farm market has to offer!

thoughts on motherhood: week 11

You know all those things you read about how there is nothing better than being a mom, no love quite like that a mother has for her child, no way you could comprehend that love until you feel it, and really no words that can quite describe it? Well, they are all true. There is nothing better I have experienced so far in this life than holding my baby girl in my arms. It feels like all the most beautiful forevers wrapped into a bundle of love and blown up as big as the moon and stars and sea. It is magic and sunlight. It is more than I ever could have dreamed.

Little Harper Olivia, my wish for you is that you know how much I love you and that, no matter how many mistakes your mama makes (or you make!) you know that my love for you is as unconditional as the air we breathe, and will continue forever and ever.


This afternoon, walking along the Atlantic coast with Harper close to my chest, I could not help but feel totally in awe of how blessed my life is. In that moment there was nothing to complain about, and so much beauty in and around me it was almost too much to take. This little soul, this little girl, that came into our lives two months ago today has given my life a whole new meaning. She has opened my eyes and my heart in ways I never knew possible. And standing at the tip of the continent, at the shore of a vast ocean, with the big sky above us and the mountains behind us, I felt my heart so bright and open I could have burst.

Harper and her buddy Jay on her 2 month birthday. 

harper olivia: month two

Today you are 2 months old!
This month you: Met your Uncle Sandy & your cousin Calvin Traveled to Noordhoek, Stellenbosch, & Kalk Bay Smiled for the first time!  Came to work with Mommy Started to do a lot of cooing and kicking with delight (so cute!) 

a reminder...

"We must recognise that under duress great things are born. Diamonds form in molten stone. The sweetest flowers of man's spirit have most often been watered by tears. To struggle gives strength, to endure breeds a greater capacity for endurance. We must not run away from our heartbreaks in life; we must go through them, however fiery they may be, and bring with us out of the fire a stronger character, a deeper reliance on ourselves and on the Creator Who, like a good Parent, chastizes us because He loves us and because He knows what can be made out of us and that the pain is worth the prize that can be won. Love, hate, passion, fear, sorrow, pain -they act on us and spur us on, they develop our qualities and give us colour and individuality. Why should we want to shun and abolish some of the factors that bring out the best in us, that temper our steel, that teach us to value happiness at its true worth? Can a man who has never been hungry in all his life know what a piece of…

thoughts on motherhood: week 9

Today we ran far too man errands. We cried hysterically on numerous occasions. We had diaper explosions while out and about. All the while with the dogs in the car and the sun beating down. Miraculously, Mama stayed relatively calm through it all.

By far, motherhood is the greatest act of love and patience I have experienced to date.