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32 tomorrow.

We spent the past five days in McGregor and it was perfect. The sky was clear blue and the days were long and lazy like a dream. It’s a tiny village in the mountains. We took walks around the neighbourhood every day so that Harper could greet the cows, roosters, rabbits and all the local dogs. We ate lazy breakfasts at Flora’s while Harper scribbled with crayon on paper table cloths. We sunbathed till we were drenched in sweat, and Harper spent hours pushing around her cheap dolly stroller from the local Spar with Samba, my thirty-year-old monkey, as her passenger. She splashed in an inflatable kiddie pool and floated beside us in the plunge pool with her water wings, shouting with joy at the cool water against her skin. It felt like family and was full of love.
We got back to Cape Town today and Harper went to stay with Andrew for the next few days. It feels like a piece of me is missing. Like a piece of my heart is in my throat. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be thirty-two. I ca…

we have flowers II

The 355th mass shooting in the 336 days took place a few days ago in San Bernardino, California. Some days there have been four shootings in one day. A company has now come out with bulletproof blankets for kids in case a shooting breaks out at school, at the doctor’s office, at the park, at the mall – wherever you might be with your child where they are now at actual risk of being shot at and killed. The day after the San Bernadino shooting the US Senate ruled against increased gun control laws like denying people on the federal terrorism watch list the ability to purchase guns, or expanding background checks for people purchasing guns online or at gun shows. A friend’s Facebook status this morning summed it up pretty well
Our lives matter less than our guns. -The United States.
How can that be true? How can we live in a society that is so plagued by rage that the only way out is to take each other down? And how can we be so desensitized to it, so greedy, that we defend the laws that a…

we have flowers

"...God, too, flows inside our veins. We are the wounders of each other, We are the wounded. We ourselves are also the healing, We ourselves are the shelter...."