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The other day I sent this to both Tania and Sam:

Hi Tania... The women's retreat is this weekend. I am looking forward to it. I did most of my packing yesterday -packed lots of comfy clothes, flip flops, journal, poetry. I took a nap last night, listened to some music, cried a bit, and spoke to Ian, all of which helped.                        
I feel like i have just experienced a lot of loss - like, relatively sudden rug-pulled-from-underneath-me loss - in the past 2 years, between friends moving, my marriage ending, & Ian's relapse, plus the daily "loss" of being far from my family & the now reality of not being able to move back there anytime soon + the "loss" of the election / the America I thought I knew etc. and I guess it really feels like God must be saying "You have to rely on me. I'm the only thing that is constant and reliable no matter what."                        
But I don't know what that looks like... how do I lean i…