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"The Storms of Change: Your Soul's Need to Evolve"

"...And so you came here to evolve, and rapidly. You came here to upturn and challenge the restrictions upon your soul energy that have been in place in your most recent past lifetimes on Earth.

You came here, during this brief physical incarnation, to move mountains within, and release oceans of repressed spiritual and emotional wisdom.
You came to live a life that is unlike your most recent past lives, because this is the lifetime in which you change everything.
You have to release the repressive past on an almost unfathomable scale; whilst simultaneously rekindling the awareness of an almost unfathomable spiritual-majestic power that has lain dormant within you.
You were always destined to spend a lot of this life's journey wondering what 'on earth' is going on. This is, in and of itself, a key part of the process to remembering the divine feminine soul, and how you were always destined to be the One who shook humanity into remembering Her.
Loosening the mind's iron-grip on reality, prising open the hold that the mind has over the heart's ancient knowing, challenging the tight control that the over-dominant, un-evolved masculine programming has assumed for thousands of years: these are the processes that you are in the midst of undertaking.
When the spiritual templates of soul wisdom, birthed and bestowed upon you by Great Paragons of Feminine Divinity so, so long ago, begin to stir and open and release their own desires to live once again...this is when your life will evolve, and rapidly.
There will be no escaping from the pressing of your destiny upon your soul. You are not here to live a repressed, indoctrinated or silent life. You are here to release and explode every single fragment of soul coding that has been given to you from the Highest Councils of Sacred Wisdom. Much of the wisdom given through these councils have their roots in primordial feminine source-consciousness. 

This consciousness holds everything within its womb, and gives birth to the All, seeding the resurrection of new and very fresh paradigms of masculine energy. This energy is much-needed for a rebirth of love on our planet. Evolution into fulfilling your highest destiny - or, contribution of soul growth and fully-aligned gifts - is inherently about being in a state of flux, change and transition.
This does not feel comfortable at times. It feels necessarily chaotic and unpredictable. This is because the nature of the ultimate feminine principle is unknowable.
Whilst there are always going to be periods of intense disruption and dismantling in your temporal life as you evolve into the purest note of your Soul, and arise like a phoenix from countless lifetimes of bondage and repression, you must constantly cleave to the unbending truth that you are supported.
Through these times of raging and almost rapacious change, you are supported by realms of high spiritual guardians who were always prepared for this period of growth. These guardians will infiltrate your conditioned, fearful behaviours and keep you walking into the Light. They will make sure that you keep remembering why you are here, and what is necessary for you to fulfil your divine contracts.
They will help you to feel stable from the core of your Being, so that you can ride out storm after storm of spiritual re-ordering. You will find places of great sanctuary, which will offer respite, balancing your energy field with immersive light-codes and rest from the journey. These places will find you, like an oasis shimmering over the desert, and draw you to them. Your spiritual guardians will be waiting.
Take succour from these divine retreats, as they show up in many forms. A walk with a soul-mate and friend. A group gathering or circle. A long hug with presence. Listening to another without giving advice. Being heard by another and held by their heart. There are many ways these sanctuaries assert themselves in your life.
The evolutionary path will not cease, and your part in creating it will not fade. A quiet acceptance of that truth may be needed. Open your heart to what is being asked of you, and what your heart has brought to your attention over recent months. This is the next step on your path; it is the most important key to your growth. Opening, opening, opening - that is all that is really asked of you. 

Wherever your feel you most want to contract rather than open - that's your most growth-filled opportunity.
You were always built for times such as this."

- Sophia Bashford 


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