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She's 30!

Today marks 30 years since this shining light came bursting into this world. My love & gratitude to have this amazing woman, this bright soul, dynamic artist, and wise mind as my sister leaves me teary and speechless. Although these days we are, more often than not, many thousands of miles apart, she continues to inspire and teach and give me more than I could ever ask for as a friend, a sister, a creative teacher, a soul whisperer, an aunt to my little girl, and a confidant to my heart. She is one of the precious few in my life who inspire me to aim for God's perfect objective for me rather than my own limited one - a truly irreplaceable gift. I will be forever grateful for her warmth of heart, her generosity of spirit, and the honest, inquisitive way she sees and serves the world.

The biggest of thank you's for the past 30 years, and the greatest wish for love and joy for the year(s) ahead. I love you!